The T4T Fund would look to provide a grant to those who are successful to enable them to make everyday life that little bit easier. 

The aim T4T fund aims to help you provide things that will help your loved one be fully involved in family activities. For example - comfortable relaxing chair which you can take with you to restaurants for them to sit with you at the table, communication aids. 

Sensory toys are a great source of enrichment and a way to often relax and destress those affected. Would your loved one benefit from sensory toys or cause and effect toys?

If you feel any of this relates to you then why not apply for the T4T Fund to make this come true!

Contact us, tell us your story and we will check your eligibility and you never know you may a recipient of the T4T Fund.


T4T Fund

The object of the CIO is the promotion and protection of good health among people suffering from Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD) and gene-linked disorders known as the leukodystrophies, characterised by myelin sheath abnormalities, in particular but not exclusively by providing information, advice, practical support and grants of financial assistance to such people and their families and carers.

From stories we have read there can be a huge variation in support offered by Local Authorities across the country.

Triumph for Tomas would like to help support those who can not get the full enrichment they desire for their loved ones through the T4T Fund.